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Name: Samuel Nowlin Reeves
Born: July 17, 1921
Death: April 19, 1982
Years Lived: 72
Spouses: (1) Momi Victor, (2) Betty Lou Akana

  1. Samuel Nowlin (1)
  2. Victor Kauluwehionalani (1)
  3. Thelma Kim "Baby Doll" (2)
  4. Gill Moler (2)
  5. Lysa Lynn (2)

By Baby Doll Reeves Silva

My dad was a very loving man who played with us a lot. He took a lot of pictures of us when we were little, the reason we have so many today, It’s fun looking at those old pictures.

My dad was good in playing his ukulele. When he walked into a room the party would begin. He would start with “Noho Paipai,” and end with “Salomila.” He would not only play songs on the ukulele, he would also sing those songs and dance to them. My dad was a fun person to be with, besides being very loving.