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Name: Lucy Kamanelelehua Reeves
Born: October 19, 1919
Years Lived:
Spouse: Oliver Richard Stillman

  1. Nancy Moana
  2. Oliver Richard Joe
  3. Francis Keonaona Frani
  4. Lola Elizabeth Kalanikapulaha‘ole
  5. Aileen Kamaka
  6. Nora Nalani
  7. Leslie Ann Kahaunani
  8. Frank Kuakini
  9. Lorna Puna

by Nancy Stillman Shizuru

While growing up, our mom was always very loving, and she was always “There” for everyone of us kids. We didn’t know that she had her own problems until much later into our own marriages.

Mom was always busy helping us out. She was supportive with whatever we did. She would watch our children without complaining. Sometimes, she had them overnight, sometimes longer. Sometimes, more than one of us would leave our children at her house, in her care. We never heard her complain.

If Mom would get mad at our father and leave, she would always return. We thought nothing of it, because she was “Always there.” She was our best friend, she was our mom.