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Name: Wallace Kalauali‘i Reeves
Born: October 19, 1919
Death: January 30, 1992
Years Lived: 72
Spouses: (1) Lani Sorensen, (2) Patricia Lopes

  1. Elsbeth (Twin) (1)
  2. Eileen (Twin) (1)
  3. Steven Kalauali‘i (2)
  4. Wallace Kalauali‘i (2)
  5. Lanier Moanaheali‘i (2)

Uncle Kalau
By Bobbi Jean Jones Ka‘aihili

What I remember most about Uncle Kalau was him in his army uniform, not his postal uniform. Uncle’s spirit was living with us at the time in Makiki. It was a long time ago, about 60 years. Uncle Kalau was so handsome.

I can still remember my mom and us children, Poli, Bucky, and myself, praying for Uncle’s safety while he was away fighting for our freedom. I remember how Mom waited everyday for Uncle’s letters. I remember her crying near the mailbox when the postman came with the letters. She loved this brother so much (as she did the rest of her brothers).

My mother continued to love this brother of hers until his death in 1992. Uncle Kalau, in return, was always very loving towards my mother. They were never ashamed to express the love they had for each other.